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Dear friend,

Whoop- My first restaurant review! It’s no secret that I love food, hence the blog. But if you know me well enough, you’d know that I LOVE eating out. It’s probs my #1 hobby. While others might eat out once a month or even less than that, I aim to eat out at least once a week. Priorities LOL. Most people prefer eating indoors or ordering take-aways because they don’t like to spend loads of money on food they might not even like- especially students. Well, I’m going to try to convince you that don’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy the dining experience while, of course, reviewing the food. If you have any restaurants you’d like me to try before you waste your money, let me know and I will happily pay a visit.

P.s. for the sake of my audience, I won’t be spending more than £20 per dine xx

Star rating: ★★★ (3)

Keep reading for the shortest review you’ve ever seen.

I actually went to the newly opened branch in Liverpool, but there are in fact 4 branches in London and 4 in Essex for all my peeps back at home. (Link below). As you can see from the pictures (bottom of page), the set-up is pretty cute. I’d say the decor was some sort of twist on a Mediterranean theme. Cute to say the least.


Drinks: My friend and I both ordered the fresh mint lemonade (£2.45)– very refreshing. It would be the perfect summer drink as the buzz from the fresh lemon and mint leaves left us feeling somewhat cooler. Deffo tastier than your average soda and with way less chemicals.


Starter: I have a general rule to NEVER order chicken when eating out. Not because I’m worried it won’t be seasoned well (although it never really is), but because you can easily make it at home. Eating out is about exploring food and tickling your taste buds. When dining, I prefer to order seafood, other poultry (duck etc) or the odd steak. This particular day I ordered the garlic and chilli prawns (£6.95). It was well seasoned, cooked perfectly and all in all a great starter. I personally think seafood starters are always a winner.


Main: As you can see, I ordered pizza which tbh I never normally do. What persuaded me to order it you ask? It was the toppings- hoisin duck with cucumber and coriander (£10.35). Interesting to say the least. Would I buy it again? Probs not, but let’s be honest… When you think about it, what makes pizza pizza? It’s the crust! The way I see it, pizza crust is what pizza is all about, not the topping. Was I as crazy about the toppings as I thought I’d be? No. It wasn’t bad, but tbh, pizza never blows me away. It is, however, safe to say that their pizza crust was pizzerific.


Dessert: As the restaurant had recently opened, all new customers were offered complimentary desserts- YAY! But I’m an idiot. Once in a while I crave chocolate, forgetting that it makes me feel queasy. So of course, I ruined the dessert for myself. My friend did, however, really enjoy her salted caramel Arctic roll.

As a whole, I will most definitely be paying Wildwood Kitchen a visit again- and very soon!

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