Wagamama Restaurant Review | £18.40

wagamama starter

Dear friend,

It saddens me to inform you that many of my friends and family have never been to Wagamama. It really upsets me actually. Who wouldn’t want to devour a wide selection of fresh Japanese food at such a delicious price? Jasmine and I took a trip to the Birmingham branch and here is what we ate…

Star rating: ★★★ (3)

wagamama drinks

Drinks: We both ordered the peach iced tea (£2.50 regular/£2.95 large). Whenever I go to Wagas, I never order the same drink, simply because they’re always average. This time, I decided to ‘have what she’s having’ and order the iced tea. Safe to say I’ve found my drink.

wagamama starter

Starter: My fave part of any Wagas trip. I have this thing about not just ordering one starter- I like to have a pick ‘n’ mix. So, normally, we’ll pick a starter each and split them. If you’re a fan of seafood, you’ll LOVE their chilli squid (£5.95). It has this beautiful, light breadcrumb coat over it with a perfect dust of chilli powder, and served with a sweet chilli sauce type thing. I order this every trip without fail.

wagamama main

Main: Now, I know I said I never order chicken when I eat out, but I’ve been ordering their chicken katsu curry (£9.95) way before I developed my obsession with restaurants. It’s essentially breaded chicken (cooked perfectly) served with a healthy (healthy meaning ‘wonderfully filling’) portion of sticky jasmine rice, covered in a well seasoned, aromatic Japanese curry, and served with the best salad in the world. I DON’T EVEN LIKE SALAD.

Safe to say this is my favourite chain restaurant ever. Once finished with our meals, we normally order a green tea (FREE and unlimited). You could also end the experience with one of their mini cakes (£1.75).

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