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Dear friend,

As you may or may not know, I recently finished a work experience placement at the Liverpool Food and Drink Festival (if you class handing out flyers as work experience). Despite the paper-cuts and rainy weather, I gained free access into the event, and got to try new things; including losing my oyster virginity and a brief trip to Hong Kong. Read on for more…

pieThai 2 Thai 1

I would first like to introduce you to the award winning ‘The Real Thai-Pies’. First of all, great name. But most importantly, the pie……YUM to say the least. My housemate and I both ordered the Green Chicken Curry Pie (£2.80 per pie) and probably bought 4 each over the weekend. The pastry was perfect, and the filling had such a real and full flavour. I find ordinary pies soooo boring and am so happy to have come across these guys. The pies are available to order on their website. Go check them out!

Thai-Pies:       Website        Facebook         Twitter

oyster 3 oyster 2 oyster 1

So yeah, I lost my oyster virginity with ‘Holy Crab’. And to make the experience even more daunting, I was photographed while doing it. The deal was, they open it up, add a sauce of your choice (Asian, Gin & Tonic, Shallot Vinegar), sip a little, and then shot the whole thing- yes, raw. I tried it with the Asian sauce; and tbh, it masked the whole flavour. Cost me £2 for the one little piece of oyster but it was definitely an experience. Felt like a raw mussel if you ask me. And that’s all I really have to say lol.

Holy Crab:     Facebook           Twitter


pufflepuffle 3 puffle 2

Next, I came across the Puffle Waffle (also known as an egg waffle in Hong Kong). I was so happy to come across this because I had recently been craving it, and wasn’t prepared to have to travel back to Asia for it. I asked a random guy if I could take a picture of his because it looked prettier than my plain one lol.

Puffle Waffle: Facebook

vonny 1vonny 2 vonny 3

Lastly, I came across Vonny Bee. If I’m being honest, I was ready to walk straight past her stall. However, when you’re a hay-fever sufferer like me and a sign reads ‘hayfever fixer’, AND you’ve been sneezing all day, you can’t afford to skip such an opportunity. So I purchased her bee pollen, knocked back a lid full; and as promised, my symptoms disappeared within 10 minutes. But is it enough to banish my hay-fever forever? We’ll see

Vonny Bee:      Website         Facebook

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