My Hayfever Has Been Cured! Vonnybee Review

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Dear friend,

After 20 years of living, never did I think I could enjoy a sneeze-free Spring/Summer. Like regrown armpit hairs and chipped nail varnish, I thought hayfever was just one of those things I had to deal with for the rest of my life. I was wrong. Thanks to Vonnybee, I have found a 100% natural, one ingredient product that has changed my life for good.

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As you may or may not know, a few weeks back, I went to the Liverpool Food & Drink Festival where I bought a whole bunch of things, including Vonnybee’s bee pollen. As someone who had stopped taking allergy tablets 4 years ago because they never really did anything, seeing a sign that read ‘HAYFEVER FIXER’ was sure to get my attention. I walked over…

Long story short, she explained that hayfever is an allergy to grass and tree pollen, but the ‘antidote’ is in flower pollen which the bees collect. She showed me her book of testimonies and said that if I knock back a couple of teaspoons, my hayfever symptoms would be gone within 10 minutes (I was suffering a lot that day).

LO AND BEHOLD, my symptoms were gone within 10 and I’ve been taking it ever since. Bee pollen isn’t a magic potion that you take once and will cure you of hayfever for the rest of your life; but I can promise you it works like magic. Plus it has tonnes of health benefits as it’s 100% natural.

I’m quite lazy so I take a teaspoon when I start feeling the symptoms. But for hayfever suffers, I’d recommend taking a teaspoon 2/3 times a day (1 teaspoon daily for general health). As for the taste, let’s just say it tastes like nature lol. It can be chewed, swallowed, blended into smoothies etc.

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For more information, visit her website here: Vonnybee

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