Taste of London 2016

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Dear friend,

WHAT AN EVENT! I’m not quite sure on how I’ve managed to go so many years without ever hearing of the Regent’s Park show; but boy am I glad I finally have. After a cute day by myself and what I can now confirm to be £156 well spent, I am able to present you with 4 top quality MUST-VISIT restaurants, along with a few other things that grabbed my attention. IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER……. (If you know me well enough, you know this will only take like 4 minutes)


Restaurant 1: Roux @ Parliament Square

This picture pretty much speaks for itself. Presented every so beautifully, we have a dorset crab & brown shrimp brioche with gazpacho ketchup along with a frozen elderflower, cucumber and mint gin cocktail– the perfect start to my day.

I LOOOVE seafood, but sometimes it’s a bit of a heavy flavour when all you want is something delicate; the brioche was perfectly light but still super tasty. With regards to the cocktail, yum. Many people don’t like cucumber in their drinks but when paired with something sweet like elderflower cordial or apple juice, the distinct vegetable taste becomes subtle and oddly enjoyable in my opinion. I actually make a similar smoothie which I will be posting soon. Roux was a massive thumbs up for me, I even went back for more.

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duck waffle

Restaurant 2: Duck & Waffle

I’ve been wanting to go here for sooooooo long! I always thought the place was so over-hyped, but my does it deserve all the hype it gets. I had their signature duck & waffle dish. Maple syrup on anything is pretty much a winner for me, but OMG was the duck cooked to perfection (I went back for seconds)!!! And the texture of the waffle…..!!! I once went to a restaurant (not to be named) and ordered chicken and waffles. Let’s just say it should have been called chicken and card.

Not only is this one of my new favourite meals, Duck & Waffle is a 24/7/365 restaurant, and my life has been made!



Restaurant 3: ROKA

Didn’t expect to find this beauty of a Japanese restaurant at all. I tried a number of dishes from them including the black cod, crab and crayfish dumplings and the slow cooked pork belly w/ lemon, miso and garlic soy. But I have to say my absolute favourite from them was the rock shrimp tempura w/ wasabi pea seasoning and chilli mayonnaise. Of course I went back for more.

Some dishes I have no words for, and this is one of them. But tbf, I LOVE seafood more than the average human so I’m pretty biased here. The food was so well cooked and seasoned that there’s pretty much nothing else for me to say except ROKA can definitely be expecting a visit from me in the near future.

IMG_1514 IMG_1506



Restaurant 4: Frescobaldi

I can’t lie, this was a bit of a bold risk for me. Squid ink strozzapreti with tiger prawns, chilli & basil. Like firstly, what is strozzapreti? And secondly, squid ink is black?! To be very honest, I only ordered it due to the fact it was £10 for a dish and a small glass of wine haha. But WOOOW. This dish is essentially hand rolled pasta with a gorgeous squid flavour- and it’s black.

I’ll be honest, when it came out I thought it looked like a plate of slugs (which I HATE). But if slugs tasted like this did, the slimy mollusc would have a new predator in town! I can’t wait to order this meal again.



I normally don’t like strawberries, they’re never sweet. But I must say….these are the biggest, reddest, juiciest and sweetest strawberries I’ve EVER tasted. No word of a lie.



Lastly, I was lucky enough to be a part of the AEG Take Taste Further experience where Chef Steve Brown from The Daylesford Cookery School taught us how to make a quick fish dish.

aeg 2 aeg


I hope this quick summary of my day at Taste of London has either persuaded you to try one of these restaurants or enticed you into going to the next event- all are definitely worth doing!

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