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bird fork

Dear friend,

If there’s one thing that makes my throat itch severely, it’s dry and flavourless chicken. So unless it’s KFC wings we’re talking about, BIRD is the only place I’ll ever order chicken from. Not only do they serve 100% free range chicken from a single farm; their chicken is cooked and seasoned to such a high level of perfection, it only takes one visit to cause addiction- serious stuffs. Here’s what I had on my date for one, including their very popular Chicken & Waffles…

Star rating: ★★★★ (4)

bird wings

Drink: San Pellegrino Blood Orange- £2.50

Starter: 6 Sticky soy garlic wings- £6

I absolutely LOVE wings, they’re definitely my favourite part of a chicken. These wings were so succulent and juicy I could have cried. But I was by myself so..

Couldn’t decide between the Sticky soy garlic sauce and the Honey ginger at first (I love me a sweet sauce), but I eventually made my mind up. If you like garlic, and sweetness, this sauce is amazing! I reckon the Honey ginger would be just as good.

bird waffles

Main: Chicken & Waffles- £11

Two pieces of fried chicken on two freshly griddled waffles, served with canadian maple syrup. There are some things in life words can’t explain- this is one of them.

If you like chicken, and you like waffles, and you like maple syrup, you will LOVE this meal. If you don’t like any of these individual things, YOU’LL STILL LOVE IT!!

The waffles are so perfect, and the chicken is just…. and anything with maple syrup is a winner for me. That’s all I can really say. BIRD is definitely one of my favourite restaurants.

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