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Dear friend,

Côte is another one of my favourite restaurants- probably because I enjoy wining and dining on a student budget haha. This restaurant is perfect for that. With 3 courses at £12.95 or 2 at £10.95, what’s to lose?

Star rating: ★★★✩ (3.5)

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I discovered Côte while visiting a friend in Liverpool city centre. Being the seafood fanatic that I am, of course I ordered their seafood linguini and developed an instant craving for the place. Was gutted when they removed it from the menu, but I have since moved on to their student friendly Lunch & Early Evening Menu.

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Freshly Baked Sourdough Baguette with Butter & Complimentary Triple Filtered Water (£2.25). Just a nice way to wait for the food really. I’m always sure to ask for the softest baguette because I can’t stand dry bread.

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Charcuterie- Finely Shredded Pork Paté and Sliced Saucisson with Cornichons and Toasted Sourdough Bread (part of the £10.95/£12.95 menu).

It’s quite simply toasted bread and meat; and tbh I pretty much only order it for the delicious paté (I don’t normally even like paté). They have a wider selection of meats on their à la carte menu version which includes duck. But yeah, this just about hits the spot.

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Steak Frites- Chargrilled Thinly Beaten Out Minute Steak with Frites and Garlic Butter (£2.00 supplement).

Ummm, I love steak and garlic butter!!! I think what’s great about this minute steak is that although there’s less steak being consumed, the speedy cooking time allows for the steak to just melt in your mouth without having to chew into it. So I think, the texture of the meat along with the flavour of the garlic butter (and a sprinkle of salt) is a better than any boring 16 ouncer.

And chips are just chips init?

There are many Côte restaurants dotted around England, with a whopping 26 in London alone.

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