Luscombe Drinks Review

luscombe drinks

Dear friend,

When I can afford it, I LOVE organic products. So when I tried Luscombe’s Organic Damascene Rose Bubbly at Scarlett London’s Bloggers Ball, I was so excited to see what other flavours they had to offer; and even more excited when I received 3 other flavours in the post (thanks guys). I decided to include my mum, dad and sister in a mini tasting session; and made a shortened transcript of how we felt about each flavour…

Sicilian Lemonode

*everyone takes a sip*

Dad: no

*everyone laughs*

Sister: why are you saying no? I like it

My conclusion: If you like lemonade, you’ll like it. If you’re like my dad and you don’t, then you won’t.

Wild Elderflower Bubbly

*everyone takes a sip*

Sister: mmm, that’s nice

Mum: mmm, that’s really nice and light. Perfect for summer

My conclusion: Normally, elderflower is really sweet- almost too sweet. But Luscombe’s version is a lot milder which I think is great.

Damascene Rose Bubbly

*everyone takes a sip*

Dad: nah, not my favourite

Mum: But you don’t really like rose so…. I think this is a great alcohol-free alternative to rosé

Sister: It’s not too bubbly, it’s has a nice crisp feel to it

My conclusion: I really like enjoyed this one. Rose is fast becoming my #1 flavour for this summer.

Apple & Apricot Juice

*everyone takes a sip*

Dad: wow, they compliment each other so well. No individual fruit is overpowering the other

Mum: that is what you call a perfect blend of fruit

My conlusion: I agree.

So there you have it…..our mini family taste session featuring Luscombe Drinks. Available at Waitrose and other stores. Excited to try some more flavours from them including Strawberry Crush, Apple Juice with Ginger, Madagascan Vanilla Soda and the Passionate Ginger Beer.

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