Ping Pong Restaurant Review | £18.15


Dear friend,

The first time I went to this restaurant I had no idea as to what to order; and so ended up ordering the most basic things on the menu- nothing to write home about. Fortunately, the other week, a friend asked if I wanted to go and I thought I’d give it another shot, taking time to order this time round. BEST. CHOICE. EVER. Shout out to Liv for suggesting we go here.

Star rating: ★★★★ (4)



Starter 1: Long Stem Broccoli (£4.15)

Something weird has been happening recently…. Apparently I like broccoli? This sesame sauce was to die for and deffo complimented the brocco well!

Starter 2: Mixed Vegetable Spring Roll (£3.35)

Pretty standard, but very tasty.



Main 1: Crispy Chilli Squid (£6.95)

Mmmmm, I love it when they serve the whole squid- tentacles and everything. Great squid. Will any crispy squid ever be as good as Wagamama’s? I don’t know, but I really couldn’t fault Ping Pong’s version.



Main 2: Scallop & Shiitake Dumpling (£4.15)

I’d say out of the 4 sets of dim sum we ordered, this was the my least favourite. That’s not to say it wasn’t nice, it’s just that scallops aren’t the most ‘flavourable’ bits of seafood around.



Main 3: Prawn & Chive Dumpling (£4.05)

This and the next set were my fave! Don’t be fooled by the green pastry, it’s just food colouring. Prawn and chive dumplings are soooo tasty, I could legit eat them all day.



Main 4: Black Prawn Dumpling (£4.15)

I suppose the black bit is just the pastry? Again, super tasty. I actually wonder what the difference is between this set and the prawn & chive. There definitely was one- I just can’t pinpoint it. Loved it.



Main 5: Pork & Prawn Shu Mai (£4.55)

God bless the first person who combined shrimp with pig because they really made a special something. Liv is a pescatarian so I had this set all to myself. I would order this again.



Main 6: Prawn & Scallop Sticky Rice (£4.95)

We actually ate this last as it was the last set, but maybe we should have had it first? It was a nice end to the meal but I think the vegetable version may have been a little tastier.


Check out their website here for a location near you.

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