Miami & A Royal Caribbean Cruise


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If you didn’t know this, cruises are my FAVOURITE kind of holidays! This August, I was blessed to have been able to go on my 5th cruise, and this time on Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas- the 2nd largest ship in the world! From Miami to Haiti, Haiti to Jamaica, Jamaica to Mexico and all the way back, here’s what our family of 20 got up to in a few pictures! (Youtube video on the way).

(I’ll start with the destinations and then go onto the ship’s facilities)

Our ship started off in Miami so of course we had to take advantage of the state.



Miami Beach: Too pretty around sunset. And the surrounding area is covered with shops upon shops- fab.



Captain Jack’s Airboat Tours: We visit the everglades every time we go to Miami. In groups of up to 6, you get to take a speedy tour of the reptile habitat. Be prepared to see crocodiles, alligators, fish AND racoons.


dolphin mall



Now for the destinations……



Royal Caribbean bought this island and so I believe everyone on it was from the ship.

One of the best days of my life!




Dunn’s River: The most beautiful and heart-racing excursion I’ve ever been on! You get to spend 90 minutes climbing the FREEZING cold water fall. This should definitely be on your bucket list.


IMG_0746IMG_0734 IMG_0736

Of course we had to indulge in the local cuisine- real coconut water and authentic jerk chicken!




Riviera Maya: CAVE SWIMMING!! The water was close so close to freezing point I almost died but what an experience!! I can now say I’ve swam with bats and catfish.

IMG_0833 IMG_0848

More of the caves and AUTHENTIC tequila tasting.


The ship….

IMG_0675 IMG_0621img_0682

Accommodating a whopping 8,000 people (guests + staff), the beautiful Oasis of the seas.


img_0758 img_0863img_0792lamb spag

Food GLORIOUS food! Cruise food is nothing compared to aeroplane food. I could show you the endless amount of images I have of all the meals we ate on board but you’d be here for days. Inclusive wine ‘n’ dine dinner every night; A breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet daily at the Windjammer cafe. You can never be hungry on a Royal Caribbean Ship. And those piña coladas are to die for.


img_0649 img_0763surf surfimg_0770

So much room for activity!

Swim, surf, play golf, go see an ice show or visit their amazing spa! There are so many more activities I wish I could have partaken in like the zip-line or ice skating. With Royal Caribbean, there’s always something to do so you’re never left feeling bored.

I’d highly recommend a trip to the vitality spa! I had the Europa treatment and am so glad I did. Despite my ticklish tendencies, my masseuse was so patient and also super friendly. As soon as you walk in, the aroma and decor make you feel like you’re floating in heaven- so peaceful and relaxing. You’ll see more of it in the video.


coach  michael-kors-2 starbucks img_0854 img_0863

Popular shops and food chains!

I can confirm Izumi make the best sushi I have ever had (and I like me some sushi). It’s such a shame I can’t make a quick trip to the restaurant, but when I’m next on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship, I’ll probably be there everyday! Our waiter was fab and the crispy shrimp roll was most definitely my favourite! (More in the video).

It’s also worth mentioning that Izumi is part of their speciality dining along with many of their other restaurants. The service all over the ship is outstanding, and this is certainly the case with these restaurants too.


And last but not least……….

The AMAZING memories we made with our family and people from all around the world.


What an amazing trip!

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