Yah-So Jamaican Experience | £22.90

Dear friend,

You know when you travel from one Zone 6 to another, you’ve found something serious (I’m talking Essex to South London, £12 something on your Oyster card type serious). Listen…best jerk pork I’ve had in this world. I was so gassed by their version of the dish that I tried to embark on some kind of jerk pork adventure. The next day, I of course ordered jerk pork from my local Caribbean restaurant. Safe to say I won’t be ordering it from anywhere other than Yah-So again. Here’s another super quick review for my friends that don’t like to read.

Star rating: ★★★★ (4)


Unfortunately, my post grad pockets couldn’t fund for one of the cocktails on this day, but maybe next time. This pic is purely for fashion.


Starter: Trench Town Rock Seared chilli & garlic tiger prawns with a mango & pineapple salsa (£6.50)

You know I love prawns lol, especially king prawns. I don’t normally like salad but with the dressing that was drizzled on it, believe I ate it all. Lastly with the salsa, just a little tip….sprinkle a touch of salt on it. The balance of the salt again the sweet of the mango is just !!!


Main: A Bit Of Dat Ting Dere Jerk Belly Pork Soaked in an apple cider served with apple puree and a mini apple tart (12.90)

A bit pricey (especially considering the rice isn’t included – £3.50 extra) but what can you expect from a 10/10 dish. I would pay it over and over again if my pockets could stretch that far LOL. It’s honestly one for the books. Couldn’t rave on about it enough! Props to the chef.


Side: Tossed Stir Fried Rice & Peas (£3.50)

A little healthier than I’m used to (remember this girl doesn’t like her veg haha), but cannot complain. Quite honestly, I’m yet to have tried rice and peas that I haven’t enjoyed (not sure if that phrase was grammatically correct LOL but you know what I mean). Nice rice.


All in all, from the 3 dishes I’ve tried, Yah-So is up there with my favourite restaurants, and I don’t see it moving at all. I’ll definitely be returning soon! Enjoy these extra pics x

P.s. there is currently no functioning website for the restaurant as they are working on it. But I promise you it’s very real!


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