Café Rouge | £9.95-£12.25

Dear friend,

Last week I was kindly invited to sample Café Rouge’s new range of croque sandwiches. Silly me didn’t read the email properly and literally thought I was just going to try the standard ham and cheese toastie. WRONG!!! I was so pleasantly surprised with their THREE new combinations. Just to save you some time, the salmon was my favourite!!

(All served with fries or salad)

Club – £12.25

“roast chicken, crispy pancetta and baby gem lettuce with sundried tomato béchamel”

This is almost similar to the Gregg’s Chicken Club Baguette.

Great, fresh tasting ingredients. Altogether a really decent sandwich, but tbh I prefer the Gregg’s one.


Portobello Mushrooms – £9.95

“roast Portobello mushroom, baby spinach, goats’ cheese and a drizzle of truffle oil”

This was surprisingly really good! I don’t usually go for things with great big mushrooms in, but I would definitely have this again. The goats’ cheese was very subtle, which I liked as it can quite often be overbearing.


Hot Smoked Salmon – £11.75

“hot smoked salmon, garlic cream cheese and chive”

Now THIS….This may be my new favourite sandwich ever (after a good egg and bacon from the caf).

I know it doesn’t look so great, but believe me…this is it! You’d never think a warm salmon and cream cheese sandwich WITH CHEESE would be a thing. But it’s a thing guys, and one of the best things that’s happened to me this year.

I highly recommend 😀


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