Candi Donut Churros | £2.50

Dear friend,

I’m sure by now you’d know that my dad is the ORIGINAL East London Brazilian Donut man. If you didn’t know that then I really don’t know where you’ve been hiding loool. I’ll often meet someone and briefly mention my dad – to which they’ll respond, “OOH that’s your dad?!”. For over 20 years, he’s been associated with events such as The Lord Mayor’s Festival and Under the Stars, as well as [weekly] being posted at East London markets i.e. Roman road & Brick Lane. They are essentially churros rolled in cinnamon sugar, but with a hole in the middle that can be filled with a filling of your choice. If you know, you know ;).

Choice of Fillings:

  • Chocolate
  • Caramel (personal favourite)
  • Vanilla
  • Coconut
  • Apple
  • Strawberry
  • Banana

Caramel & Coconut together are my fave atm. I go through phases

Where to find him:

  • Roman Road Market (E3) every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
  • Brick Lane Market (E1) every Sunday

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