White Chocolate and Vanilla Cheesecake

Dear friend, I am aware this looks like yoghurt LOL- it’s not, promise. This cheesecake recipe is super easy to make. However, I can’t say it’s super cheap (it is if 6 people put £1 in). Let’s review- If we’re shopping at Tesco, mascarpone= £1.20, cream cheese= £1, white chocolate= you can get it 200g from aldi for £0.99, digestive biscuits= £0.31-£0.89, vanilla essence= £1.09, caster sugar= (£0.99) and you should already have butter. This brings us to a minimum total of £5.58 between 6 people. Decent if you ask me. Let’s get to it…

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Quick & Easy

Three Bean Tomato Soup

Dear friend, Christmas is over and I’m finally back to my kitchen. I know you’ve eaten a lot of stodge over the break so I’ve prepared this SUPER EASY, SUPER CHEAP, SUPER HEALTHY recipe to flush out your system (I was going to call this Poop Soup because beans are full of fibre which assists in frequent bowel movement). As this soup is so chunky, you can enjoy it alone or as an accompaniment. Anyway, let’s go…

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Chinese-Style Barbecue Wings

Dear friend, We all love a good wing (or two). And what’s great about them is they don’t take long to cook in the oven; literally the fastest part of the chicken to cook. This recipe is way too easy, and for the friends that knew me in year 11, this barbecue sauce (made from scratch) scored me an A grade on my final catering exam. Yes, Joel, this is for you… (P.s. this recipe is not the cheapest if you don’t have all the ingredients)

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